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Welcome to The Mafia Dons

By creating an account on TheMafiaDons you agree to all of the following displayed on this page, although the Terms of service can be edited/updated at anytime without notification of a player.
If any updates do get added, they will be displayed at the very bottom of this page.


The Mafia Dons is a fictional recreation of a mafia type life, created for educational purposes, we will not be held responsible for damages or losses of any kind.


YOU are responsible both legally and non legally for any content you publish while playing the game (FROM: Pornographic images shown profiles TO Racially offensive abuse posted in mini chats/forum) by doing so could result in you being muted from posting anywhere on the website or banned. Your details may also be reported to the appropriate authorities


The Mafia Dons HAS THE RIGHT to deduct any items eg ( money or points ) from ANY account without notification OR reason, regardless of how they were accumulated

We respect your privacy and will never sell or give away your information to anyone.
Your email address and IP address will be visible to our staff team (Admins & Mods)
to help them moderate the game. For example: To perform dupe checks. To verify a
user. To assist a user if they've been hacked.

Mafia Dons users must be at least 16 years old.

We will also not tolerate spamming of any kind, spam may result in your account being muted from all chat forums or your account banned.

Trading of any items on Mafia Dons for something outside of the game is not allowed, doing so may result in all items being taken from all the users involved.

*Purchasing points is a way of donating money to the game and creator, this helps keep the website running.
*You may only buy points using your own Paypal account / card.
*When donating you agree that payments are final and will not be refunded, unless there are exceptional circumstances.
*If we suspect any fraudulent payments originating from any player, we hold the right to permanently ban that persons access to the website.
*To control the in game economy and users over spending we may limit your donations allowed.

You must only use your own account and have no more than one account
if found to have more than one we hold the right to terminate both accounts without notification.


Cookies are text files websites store on computers or mobile devices of visitors.
We use cookies to identify your device session and link you to your Mafia Dons user account.
By using this website, you agree that we can place these types of cookies on your device.
If you disable your browser or device’s ability to accept these cookies, you will not be able to log in.

If you are caught cheating we hold the right
to strip your account of all its contents without explanation

If you do not agree, please leave now.